About Me

I wanted to own an aquarium for several years because of two key reasons. One being that I am very allergic to most animals that have fur so I wanted a pet that would not make it hard to breathe being around it. Secondly, I have a couple degrees in physics and the more I researched into setting up an aquarium the more it reminded me of old sciences labs I had as a kid and college! However, it took me a couple of years to start my tank because I found it overwhelming every time I tried to start.

I had heard about how not setting everything up correctly can result in cruel conditions or even death to these aquatic creatures which made me worried to start. So I found the many different aspects of finding a fish overwhelming if I wanted to make sure I take care of them correctly. I slowly researched over the years to gather the basics for the whole process via online and books. I found it difficult to get everything I needed from a knowledge aspect on how to start. As a result, i decided I was going to create this site and document what I learn in my journey of starting a tank.

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